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Star AMI system enhances Smart Meter functionality



Star Instrument showcases its new range of smart energy meters at the 2018 European Utility Week in Vienna-city of music.

The 20th European Utility Week Exhibition was held in Vienna, Austria, the capital of world music, on November 6th, 2018. This exhibition covers the fields of electricity, water, gas and other alternative energy provision. An important feature of this market now is the installation of Smart Metering, Smart Grids, Data Management, AMR & AMI, telecom & IT and Energy Retail structures.  This is also the most instructive and innovative professional conference and exhibition in the international Smart grid and Smart metering industry. Since the beginning of the smart metering era, the design, functionality and communication modes employed in metering have developed rapidly. Star Instrument has more than 300 professional technical development, testing engineers and sales force that are working to provide the latest smart management solutions for Power Utilities in more than 80 countries and regions of the world. At this Utility Week, Star Instrument showcases its R&D with a new generation of smart meters and AMI solutions.

Star Innovation: Release of new generation smart meters

 Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd now officially releases its latest generation of smart energy series meter products.

These are fully compliant with IEC and EN standards. With their extremely high accuracy, reliability, maintainability and cost-effectiveness, Star meters are ideally suited to a range of applications, be they residential, commercial or industrial.

Star’s new series of smart meters feature a straight line style design, an innovative heat dissipation structure, a built-in disconnection device, a variety of tamper monitoring and protection features, pluggable communication modules and other application options that can be tailored to meet a given utilities’ needs and requirements and that facilitate an easier integration of meters with AMI systems.


New Communication Technology, for IoT Interconnection

Star Instrument has been dedicated to research and development and has invested in cutting-edge technologies.

Star Instrument specially established a research institute to increase the investment in cutting-edge technology and improve the application of new technology in smart meter field.


In the area of power line communications, Star Instrument has devoted R&D resources to the development of OFDM PLC solutions to increase transmission speeds and data transmission rates and also achieve longer communication distances. Having joined the G3-PLC alliance, and developed and deployed G3-PLC and Prime-PLC modules, Star Instrument is working actively to promote PLC technology worldwide. Star also retains its strength in RF transmission technology, with our self-developed FSK/GFSK module solutions that are now widely used around the world. Star has also designed implementations for RF-LoRa/LoRa-WAN technologies to meet requirements for longer transmission distances and safer communication environments with lower power consumption demands. Star Instrument is currently one of the largest exporters of RF-LoRa energy meters.

With a continued focus on higher communication speeds, more stable communication environments, faster meter reading performances and the advent of IoT, Star Instrument has further undertaken development of Wi-SUN implementations. This also allows for a wider mesh range and an IPv6 address for all devices, making it easier to realize IoT interconnection.


Star Instrument’s new generation HES & MDMS systems help facilitate energy conservation and emission reduction.


Star Instrument’s System Department has developed a new generation of HES and MDMS systems and associated intellectual property. Our new generation HES system adopts a modularized design, making for easier operation. Scheduled timings can be set for automatic data collection, for monitoring energy consumption, load curves and events, etc. Star Instrument’s latest system can also manage meter archives and set meter parameters. The HES system is integrated with the vending system for prepaid meters, and can support the management of both prepaid and post paid meters. It can also support the reading and integration of competitor’s meters provided that they adopted the relevant international standards and protocols. Using the GIS (Geographic Information System), Star Instrument’s new system can plot meter locations on a geographical map, allowing swift identification of the locations of reported events. Our new MDMS system can be used to help to save energy and reduce consumption by analyzing the end-user’s energy consumption habits. By reporting tamper events and other statistics, Star Instrument’s system can assist with power supply management by providing the tools to identify and thereby address issues of line loss and tampering etc. Processing of data via VEE or equivalent measures can enhance data reliability, with the end user having the freedom to define the processing rules used.



Star Instrument has overcome many challenges in its 25 year history. Today the energy meter market is transforming and developing more swiftly than ever. So with its continued emphasis on research, development, and innovation, Star Instrument is well placed to further enhance its competitive position and further contribute to a greener energy provision environment.




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